Sunday, October 11, 2015

Marilyn Monroe, Plus-Sized?

Happy Sunday Slimmers!

Marilyn Monroe was basically a protein queen (her diet is explained here).  For breakfast, she drank a "protein shake" of two raw eggs mixed in a glass of warm milk. For dinner, she ate broiled lamb, steak or liver with four or five raw carrots. Occasionally, she treated herself to an ice cream sundae. Ms. Monroe was a high protein OMADer (a person who eats only one meal per day). Oh, ans she liked liver, as I do. She was truly ahead of her time.

I've often heard people say that Marilyn Monroe was plus-sized (in the fashion industry, plus-size is pretty much any double-digit dress size, or one above size 10); however, people are wrong to think that Marilyn Monroe wore a double-digit dress size! Marilyn had a 22 inch waist! The 5'5", 115-120 lb beauty wore 36D bra and had measurements of 35-22-35 (inches)!!! 

Have an awesome slimming week!