Monday, December 26, 2016

Week Two

Hello Slimmers,


Start:  Monday, December 12, 2016, 225.2 lbs.

1: December 19, 2016, 209.6 lbs, avg 82 daily bites (6 days), -15.6 pounds, -0.75 waist inch.

Week Two:

Monday: 26 bites (3 boiled eggs, two Subway 6-inch subs stuffed with veggies).  Mocha coffee.

Tuesday: 9 bites, then two plates at work holiday luncheon. Two mocha coffees.

Wednesday: ❄⛄☃⛇🌨First day of Winter 2016 🌨⛇☃⛄❄ 50 bites. Two mocha coffees. Worked 13 hour days for three days. Tired.

Thursday: lost count of bites. 

Friday: 20 bites.

Saturday: Christmas Eve Ate all day! Lost count.

Sunday: Merry Christmas Several Christmas Dinner plates. I shouldn't have celebrated Christ's birth with gluttony (a sin), but... MAYBE I'll remember that Christmas 2017.

✩ Results ✩

Week Two:

Averaged 32 bites daily for three days.

Dropped 0 pounds, 0 waist. 214.2 lbs, GAINED 4.6 lbs, .75 waist inch.

Total dropped so far: 11 pounds, 0 waist inches

Christmas week is over! Time to drop the weight I regained, and then some, for the new year. Have a fantastic slimming week 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week One

Hello Slimmers,

Here we go!

Start:  Monday, December 12, 2016. 225.2 lbs, the fattest I've ever been. When I was a teen, I told myself that my lifetime maximum weight would be 160 lbs, excluding pregnancy. Wow. 😒😭

Monday: ate 100 bites of food, walked approximately 30 minutes during lunch. I ignored my slight caffeine withdrawal headaches, which came and went during the day. The older I get, the easier it is for me to become addicted to caffeine. When I was younger I could drink coffee every day for a set period, then stop abruptly with no withdrawal symptoms. I quit cold turkey  December 2015, endured recurring withdrawal headaches for three days, and then was fine. I went caffeine-free until Fall 2016, when I began drinking coffee almost daily again.  Yesterday's withdrawal headaches were the worst I'd ever experienced, they included nausea and blurry vision and felt more like  migraines. No more. I refuse to pay for an addiction, or to be addicted to anything. Today, I told myself I'd rather have food than coffee. I'm proud of myself for staying caffeine-free in spite of the discomfort.  I should feel great by Wednesday.

Tuesday: 75 bites. 20 minute lunch walk.

Wednesday: 50 bites.

Thursday: lost count. Also drank coffee. I didn't have any headaches today, and I hope that I don't have any withdrawal symptoms from that one cup.  Did not exercise.

Friday: 30 bites. Drank mocha coffee. Remember when I said I refuse to pay for an addiction, or be addicted to anything? Moving on...

Saturday: 61 bites. Drank mocha coffee. I must learn not to seek comfort or relief in any food or substance.

Sunday: 176 bites. Drank water, 8 oz rum punch. Danced with friends.

✩ Results ✩

82 average daily bites, based on the six days for which I have a count.

209.6 lbs! Dropped 15.6 pounds and three quarters of a waist inch in just seven days! This is the fastest weightloss I've ever experienced, all while not stressing over food and eating anything I like. I have been paying more attention to my emotions, and I've become better at soothing myself. I think being more emotionally aware has/is helping me naturally control my eating. 

Happy Holidays πŸŽ„πŸ˜Š

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hi Slimmers!

I love this image, posted on Outdated By Design. According to Avery, it's "[f]rom a 1950s healthy and beauty guide by Joe Bonomo."  The words on the above posted image looks blurry on my smartphone.  I assume it will be difficult for others to see on their smartphones, so I've rewritten what it says here:



A good stretch in the morning to get the kinks out of your muscles is a swell idea.

The best time to exercise is before eating, or an hour after you have a meal.

Brisk exercise followed by a stimulating shower is the right way to begin the day.

Now you are ready for breakfast. You have earned it and how you will enjoy it!


Put aside all the cares of the day when you sit down to dinner at night.

Relax your mind with a good book, and your body in your favorite chair.

Now is the time for evening exercises. Make them short and snappy.

Next a tepid shower to put you in the mood for a long, soothing sleep.

Good night! Sleep well and you will awaken a more beautiful woman.


Whether you choose to do your exercises in the morning or evening, the benefits will be the same. Determine which time of the day best suits your own convenience... and set that hour as your daily beauty-building period. If it is at all possible for your to undertake the ritual routines in both the morning and again in the evening, by all means do so.


It is best to exercise before eating. However, if this is not possible, let at least an hour pass after the meal. This will allow sufficient time before the exercises draw blood away from the stomach and to the muscular tissues being affected by the exercises.


Push aside all cares of the day and give yourself completely to the task at hand. Concentrate on each movement and what it is accomplishing.


Exercise causes you to breathe more heavily than is customary. Be sure that the room in which you exercise is properly ventilated and well aired.


Cumbersome clothes will only prove a handicap during these sessions. It is recommended that you do exercises while wearing only a well-fitting brassiere and panties. A plastic or cotton exercise suit is also ideal.

I like that Bonomo equates beauty with exercise. It's true, exercise is part of a beauty regimen; it will truly make us beautiful inside and out. When we exercise, we create and reveal a more well-formed shape that enables us to look great in or out of clothes. Just like with makeup and clothes, exercise can be used to enhance our best physical features and minimize our less favorable ones.  However, unlike with makeup and clothes, excercise improves our insides. With exercise, we improve our organ and cellular functions, blood flow, mobility, flexibility, strength, mood, outlook on life, energy and vitatily - everything associated with youth and beauty.  Whatever is happening inside of us affects our outward appearance.  I think it's motivating to think of an hour of exercise as a "beauty-building period."  Who doesn't want to look and feel prettier, more youthful? I think it's more motivating than thinking of weight, waist, and other health numbers... but to each her own. πŸ’‹ πŸ‘ πŸ‘—πŸ’†πŸ˜